New major update “Twitee i” for iPhone released! #twitee_i #iPhone

Hello, I’m Fumi.

As “Twitee Lite”, my first work as an app developer, reached version 5.0, I have renamed it “Twitee i”, changed the icon, and renewed it significantly.

The origin of [i]

As the name “Twitee Lite” suggests, the app has been treated so far as a Lite version.Therefore, I was reluctant to add more useful functions even though ideas came up.
I considered developing a separate app to complement the Lite version, but recently I had a sudden change of heart. I decided to develop the “Twitee i” that I had originally conceived as just a major update into the “high-performance” app that I was envisioning. So here I am, one year and nine months from the release of the Lite version, finally being able to let go of the Lite.

Let me get back to the main subject-
why [i] and what its origin is.

1. [I (the user him/herself)]
●This app plays an important role in assisting the user so that he/she can use more conveniently the service (Twitter). In order to do this, the app’s features are user-centered (tweet, text input, user / favorite TL, delete Tweets and so on).

●(This is not just about this app), but it helps me keep in mind to always design user-centered applications.

●”i” for interface. I have created this app interface with precise attention to detail and commitment in order to offer innovative operability that is not bound by common sense.


Uniqueness, individuality. This app represents my belief as a developer to never create a commonplace app that shows no commitment. I see no meaning in making an app people can just refer to as “it will do”.

Why not a new app, but an update.

With this major update, the name changed, the icon also changed, and the contents have changed considerably, so it would be more than enough to release as a new app.
Why then have I chosen to release it as an update? The main reason is

I wanted it to reach all of the users who are presently using the Lite version.

When issuing a new app, it is difficult to let all of the Lite version users know about it, without proper advertising. If it’s an update, everyone can get Twitee i automatically.

And as similar apps aren’t really necessary in the app Store.

There is no need to leave Twitee Lite when Twitee i is made available. It would only confuse users.

Minimum is best when putting up apps on Developer App.
It is probably a matter of personal taste, but I do not want to put a lot of unnecessary apps up on the Developer App list in App Store. In short, I prefer quality over quantity!

Major program overhaul.

IMG 0199
Although on the surface it may look very similar, the contents (program) were rewritten into a new version, completely different from the prototype.
Before I started rewriting it, I found old code from when the app had initiallly been developed- a lot of unnecessary code that was not used at all. The app was in a chaotic state, in complete ignorance of cardinal rules of programing such as reusability, efficiency or portability. (It might sound surprising, but the app worked anyway!)
However, this time, by incorporating concepts that are often used in software development, I have succeeded in fully renewing the contents. Until now I had just fixed bugs and patched it on the surface, but the app has now undergone a fundamental correction.

Enhanced text input

I have boosted even further the level of the text input support function that has been extremely popular since the app release. By employing the “track ball” already found in text editing apps, the cursor slider and selection button combination operation that was necessary before can now be done with the track ball only. I have of course kept the feature that allowed for immediate display of the Copy-paste menu when using the cursor slider and the easy-to-reach display position of the menu.
The display method of the bracket list has also been improved to make it even more easily accessible with one finger, and you can now select from the many symbols by scrolling.
Although it became somewhat easier to use, as a developer I am still not satisfied. I plan to make text input even easier in future updates.

Stronger coordination with other apps.

Screen Shot 2014 09 25 at 17 18 46

Twitee was equipped with the ability to jump to another Twitter client app since its Lite version. As this is a tweet specialized app, this measure tried to alleviate the little drawback of not beeing able to see the Timeline (Tweets of people whom the user follows).
With the [i], usability of the feature that allows automatic jumping when sending tweets was improved, and on top of that, coming back to Twitee from the Twitter client is no longer just a dream. You are not actually coming back, but by pressing the volume button on the device, you can intentionally release a notification. Tap this notification, and you can return to Twitee.
But unfortunately, this feature haven’t been able to use on iOS8…
I will release a widget on iOS8 in the future.

In addition to mutual transfer between Twitter clients, it also allows receiving photos directly from third-parties or camera applications, receives URLs with titles from browsers through the bookmarklet, and also supports automatic jumps, allows pasting songs that are being played as #NowPlaying (only with standard music app), and overall makes it easier to tweet a variety of contents.

Enhanced usability of photo attachment and delete attachment

Access to photos in the camera roll. With the Lite version, even if you purchased the attach photo feature, you could only choose from the last two photos taken.
This specification was created with the assumption that “we tweet photos we’ve just taken”, and tried to reduce operational steps as much as possible. At the same time, it saved one HDR photo and one normal photo taken with the standard camera.


Twitee Lite Ver.3.0の写真の添付インターフェイスについて語ってみる | Fum’style

However, as two photos is really not enough, I added the camera roll. Of course, it is different from other apps that begin to display from the album list, as it is equipped with an original interface that displays the thumbnail screen of the camera roll directly(on iOS7). I’ve freed up space at the top of the screen to make it easily accessible at all times. The new interface allows for easy display or hide by swiping up and down.

My personal favorite interface in this update is the “OS X-style delete photo attachment”. By dragging and dropping photos pasted into the text box, you can delete the attachment very easily. Plus, the animation you get when the photo disappears is great too!
The photo just vanishes in smoke like it was never there. I learned how to make the OS X smoke animation by watching other people.
You just can’t get enough of watching this!

Future plans

By releasing the restrictions of the Lite version and redesigning a program with high development efficiency, I feel that I have at last arrived at the starting point of real application development. And I have finally stepped outside the boundaries of amateurship.
About future development, a variety of convenient features come to my developer mind.
I want to be on top of trends and user needs, and try not to go too wild, try to think carefully before I output new ideas into Twitee.

I think that “Twitee” has potential that even me, the developer, cannot grasp. I hope you will support me in my quest to develop this potential step by step in the future!
If you like the app, please add a few stars in the App Store review!

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