Coard is a text editor app that integrated with a mouce, various keyboard shortcuts and a simple note, and made specialize in the tablet.
It developed from a custom keyboard app on Feb. 2017.

Difference from Other Apps

What many text-inputting apps on iOS have concentrated on is “how to do inputted text” such as styling text, managing saved data, working with cloud, etc., and just the “B” part of the following image.

Against it, what Coard has concentrated on is “how to make easy to input”, and to urge such a series of a flow as “brain → eyes → hands → keyboard → text”.
The things Coard has approached are fundamentally different from other apps, and the one has been designed with being conscious of three-dimensional space.

Suppress a Burden of Arms

By a thoroughness of more than 90% original UI designs and real supporting of external keyboards, there’s no need to touch two thirds of the upper screen on Coard Editor. You don’t need to raise your arms.

For this, it solved a problem of “a burden of arms” that is large weakness of an iPad’s laptop style.
Coard has been working earnestly on the problem tablet makers of the world haven’t been doing, not to mention other apps and Apple.

The Highest Level Text Operating

Coard Editor has many incamparable functions and UI designs even in computer industry.

CARET WHEEL: the circular motion UI that works with key commands,
SPACE KEY COMMANDS: easy to memorize/be instinctive/for home position,
HIGH HANDLING OF BRACKETS/HTML TAGS: cannot realize by any customizing on computers,
DESIGNATE INPUT MODE DIRECTLY: realized input mode switch by one click with thumb.

Very Simple

Coard Editor that has a simplicity considering its high functionality has had the environment that is easy to concentrate on writing, even if no full-screen mode.


The DraftTab UI that is the fusion of drafts management and tabs UI takes on everything: switching drafts, creating new one and deleting it, whose speediness/simplicity urges you to concentration on writing.
Regardless of having a lightness that can outdo the post-specialized apps, by rational designs and UI, it’s the text editor that makes seamlessly amplify operability and productivity.

Custom Text
It’s possible to register symbols/words/parentheses/HTML tags that are used many times in about 34 custom keys. It’s easy to input since they have been shown at the bottom, and also available to get them on other apps by the custom keyboard.
Guide Keyboards
Detailed explanations that is easy to show in editing have been prepared for key commands and an editor. There’s no trouble going to a help page, and it’s possible to grasp all functions and designs.
Plain Text
Coard Editor doesn’t support rich text such as boldface, Markdown, etc. Instead, the font size adjustment is very flexibility, the editor has had a policy that doesn’t narrow user’s uses.
Saved History
A saved history up to 20 has been kept on each of documents, so you can revert it by going back to. The text safety has been increased by which.
Text Sharing
The functions have been supported Share Extension and Open In of iOS, not only can invoke easily by Command + Tab, but the window is shown at the easy-to-touch position. It’s also available sharing to Macs with AirDrop.
Analog Clock, Date
Since an analog clock is always shown, you can work with being conscious of time. A display of today’s date is very convenient for creating schedules.
Of course supported. Unlike other apps, the Coard is thorough in the simplicity that was made to integrate updating with a setting switch.
Adjusting Brighness
It’s possible to adjust screen brightness with Command + 1/2. It’s also useful on the Smart Keyboard that has no feature keys.
With Long-Time Free Updates
(No Login, No Add-on, No Sale)

$17.99 USD
(Included Apple Collection Fee $5.39)

Euro 19,99 €
UK £17.99
Australia $27.99
Canada $24.99
China ¥118.00
Singapore S$ 25.98

This app is a developing product that was released with practical use of an absolute minimum.
But the price is set under considered long-term updating and the perfection.

NOTE (2019):
This app has not been supported iOS11 or later yet, but I checked that it works basically on iOS12 except some keyboard shortcuts do not work. On iOS11, each of pages could not been appeared correctly, so I highly recommend to update your iPads to iOS12.
And also it will be displayed as expanded-9.7inch size on your 10.5/11inch iPads.
I, as a developer, am concentrating on re-writing the entire program codes from scratch for preparing long-term additions of new features in the future, and striving for the next update.
Look forward to it!

Technologies That Have Learning Curves


Since a Wheel and original Space Key Commands are new handling UI, you may have anxiety or registance.
But computing pioneer Alan Kay said,

“There is the desire of a consumer society to have no learning curves. This tends to result in very dumbed-down products that are easy to get started on, but are generally worthless and/or debilitating.

We can contrast this with technologies that do have learning curves, but pay off well and allow users to become experts
(for example, musical instruments, writing, bicycles, etc. and to a lesser extent automobiles).”

New and unique handling UI of Coard Editor needs practice, but about “creating document on iPad”, this can allow users to become exparts.