Coard for iPad 外付けキーボード ios カスタムキーボード

Introducing Coard


Why do we need the Coard?

The laptop-style tablets with a hardware keyboard have came to be noticeable for several years.
But a combination of the physical keyboard that have a long history and the touch screen that is a new technology, is lacking in a sense of unity as operating. Especially on the iPad, the gap is marked.


So I thought we need something to make up a gap of those, and created a custom keyboard called “Coard for iPad”.

Cursor Wheel

The cursor’s size is very smaller than a finger or a button’s one, and a precise operation like a mouse pointer is difficult. In addlition, frequency in touch is many. This is one of the problems that cause stress.

Coard for iPad カスタムキーボード 外付けキーボード タブレット おすすめ ios

So I created a new-sensation Cursor Wheel for measures against that problem and convenience with a external keyboard.
That is a user-friendly than the trackpad of the system keyboard and speedy than physical arrow keys. Since the Cursor Wheel itself also become an analog clock, you can go on with your work on consciousness of the time even if no wrist watch or no wall clock.

Coard for iPad カスタムキーボード ios 外付けキーボード おすすめCoard for iPad カスタムキーボード 外付けキーボード おすすめ ios

Another user’s dictionary

Coard for iPad カスタムキーボード 外付けキーボード ios オススメ

You can freely customize these key’s texts.
They are lined up by uses like emoji/emoticon, symbolic/word, bracket/HTML tags. Because there are as many as twenty keys in the emoji list, you may be able to use it as a substitute for the emoji keyboard.

Powerful Brackets Inputting

Coard for iPad カスタムキーボード 外付けキーボード ios オススメ タブレット

The brackets/HTML tags operations of the Coard is a highest level of the software industry.
The cursor would be inserted in brackets/tags by tapping a key, so you can begin to type at once.
Besides, Coard distinguishes the close bracket/tag at the right side of a cursor in real time. If you tap a return key in recognition, that would work as moving it out of the brackets/tags instead of a new line.
That’s regardless of the ways move the cursor: like a wheel, fingers, physical keys, and responds to: half )]}’\”, full 」』】)》〉〕}]’”, and HTML< /..>,*/,-->.
This is an excellent feature that make reduce stress in brackets typing.

Original English Keyboard

Coard for iPad カスタムキーボード 外付けキーボード ios

English is an international language, so there are many opportunities that we need typing it. But for non-alphabet language users, to type English with the hardware keyboard need one more step to get ready.
Therefore the Coard have had an original English keyboard with the separated design in order to type alphabets easily. Keys is larger than system keyboard’s ones, and moving distance of a finger shorter. So this keyboard is optimized for typing with your thumb.
This also have a number pad at the center. Inputting figures is very comfortable on the Excel, household accounts and so on.

Coard for iPad 外付けキーボード カスタムキーボード タブレット iOS おすすめ

The others features

 Main Keyboard

– Fast mode of Cursor Wheel
– Adjust the Wheel position
– Forward Delete
– Backward Delete by swiping
– Repeat return/delete with pressing and holding
– Paste clipboard
– 20 custom keys for emojis
– 8 custom keys for words(Pro is 11)
– 6 custom keys for brackets(Pro is 9)
 English Keyboard

– One Action Shift by swiping a key up
– Supported round numbers(⓪~⑨) with shift
– Supported caps lock
– “Continuous Shift” that can type with holding a shift key
– Useful symbols for e-mail address, Twitter and HTML editing
– Automatic Type-Change by recognizing a field
– Take Bracket mode over from anoter keyboard
 The Whole Keyboard

– A finger gesture’s change on a globe key
– Two fingers gesture’s change on the whole keyboard
– Easily closing by swiping down with two fingers
– Supported Dark theme
– “mini mode” that expands itself for 7.9 inch
– Launch with the keyboard type last used
– Wheel sound independented of key’s sound
– “Automatic Force-Quit” that shows a red flash
– Stability related multiple languages support
– Supported the “Screen Keyboard On/Off” key
– Stable layout drawing than other companies keyboards
– Keyboard size that are compatible with a space and functions
– Supported the Smart Keyboard

Tab × Scroll

  • I also has devoted to the container app designs. This has had the original Tab-Scroll UI that can access all information on the shortest route.
    You can access all of the pages with flicks only at the edge of the screen, and it also responds well to rough touches when you make stand your iPad.
    It also supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • Coard for iPad 外付けキーボード カスタムキーボード ios おすすめ

Install this app

* The iOS10 supported version is behind with a development.
Please wait a moment until updating.


User’s Voice

“Moving a cursor that use a wheel is excellent.
This was a greate experience to me, so the proof is in the pudding, I’d really like you to use this keyboard if you care about it.”

“I felt the idea that uses a wheel is excellent. I’m looking forward to developing it in the future.”